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Spokane, Washington

Eastern Washington Records Retrieval

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I speak and write about genealogy from Spokane, Washington, as well as teach both beginning and intermediate courses in Online Genealogy through my local community college district. I consider three locations my "home" and blog frequently about them at Alaska (where I was born and grew up); Michigan (where most of my genealogical research takes place); and Eastern Washington (my residence since 1979). I speak to genealogical and historical societies and other groups in the Pacific Northwest. If you would like me to make a presentation to your group or would like to see my list of topics, please contact me.

Research Specialties

Includes Pacific NW, Michigan, Ontario, upstate New York, and the Netherlands. Long-time member & former 2nd vice president of the Eastern Washington Genealogical Society. Have had memberships many other state, regional, and national societies.

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