What qualifications do research providers need?

You needn’t be a credentialed professional genealogist to join our network, but we expect providers to be skilled researchers with a strong commitment to providing excellent service to Genlighten’s clients.

If you offer hourly research and take on complex research projects, we expect you to have the experience and skills needed to successfully plan, carry out, and report on a research project of significant scope.

If you want to offer fixed-fee document retrieval, we expect you to have

• experience in tracking down frequently-requested source records, with at least one specific area of expertise (e.g., vital records, obituaries, probate records, etc.)
• access to key local genealogical record repositories, e.g., historical societies, libraries, county archives, and excellent relationships with repository staff
• ability to turn around straightforward, well-defined requests quickly
• a suitable image scanner and confidence in scanning original documents to produce quality digital images
• commitment to friendly and positive customer service.